Inspiration and Ideas

There are so many good books out there (as I have commented here), so this is a selection of the books which have significantly shaped my thinking. If you'd like more book reviews, see my book blog!
  • The Courageous State - Richard Murphy, economist and founder of the Tax Justice Network which provided the research used by UK Uncut and other campaigners to highlight the deeply unfair tax gap, where big companies and rich individuals use tax evasion and tax havens to pay much lower tax than everyone else. I had the chance to meet Richard at the Ebor Lectures in York last year, where he gave an inspiring and challenging talk: "Jesus would cut the tax gap", available to listen online here. 
  • Carbon Detox - George Marshall. This was the book which inspired the 2014 challenge to change my attitude to sustainability and write a blog about it. You can read some of the highlights and my struggles along the way on the "2014 Challenges" page.  
  • The Burning Question - Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clarke. This book cogently explains why we must address the oversupply of fossil fuels, not just reduce demand if we are to stop catastrophic climate change. 
  • Sustainable Infrastructure: Principles into Practice - Richard Fenner and Charles Ainger, ICE Publishing. An excellent introduction to exactly what sustainable infrastructure means, and how we can transform every project into an opportunity to build better. For more on this, see my "Sustainable Infrastructure" series. 
Blogs and Websites
There are many excellent blogs out there exploring similar issues. This is a selection of some of the best who have inspired me over the years:

Sustainability issues/discussion

  • Consumer Detox - a season of trying to live without consumerism! There is also a book of the same title which explores the issues in more depth.
  • The Breathe Network - Less stuff, more life: a Christian network for simpler living
  • Make Wealth History - thoughtful comment on how we need to change as a society to live better without buying into the economists' dream of endless growth (on a finite planet)
  • Arocha and Friends of the Earth - Lots of useful tips and ideas 
  • Green Christian - a fantastic magazine and prayer resources from a friendly group of Christians around the UK who got me thinking about this!


  • Shaping the World is a new initiative from the ICE to develop solutions to global challenges, from water security to climate change.  
  • The Institution of Civil Engineers is a great source of expert reports and evidence to explain the current state of our infrastructure and what needs to change to be ready for the future - see especially the "State of the Nation" reports and the "Public Affairs" page. 
  • Tomorrow's Engineers - If you've been inspired by this blog to consider making the world a better place by joining the wonderful world of engineering, this website has everything you need to explore further, whether you're looking for yourself, as a parent or teaching resources (also good for youth/Scout/Guide groups!) You'll find information about what engineers do, the different roles you can work in and routes into engineering, including apprenticeships, college or undergraduate studies.

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